​​Practice Makes Profit: How Biological AI-powered Digital People is Fueling a Creator Goldmine

Soul Machines
4 min readApr 9, 2024

The Creator Economy has exploded, but creators face challenges in scaling their content and offering truly unique experiences. Enter the era of “practicing” for profit.

Forget the limitations of creating carefully curated content or providing advice on sensitive topics like finance, relationships or wellness without any formal training. Thanks to Soul Machines Studio, powered by Biological AI, creators can now offer a judgment-free zone for people to practice real-world interactions with Digital People. No time constraints, no awkward silences — just pure, focused, personalized and interactive practice available 24/7.

This paradigm shift unlocks a money-making opportunity for creators through Soul Machines Studio. With this platform, we empower creators to transcend video content and craft entirely new interactive experiences that build deeper connections with followers. This goes beyond simple engagement — it unlocks the potential for dynamic, interactive, personalized conversations and recommendations that increase overall engagement time. The average conversation time with a Soul Machines Digital Person is 20 minutes — more than double the conversation time of an average person.