Digital Puppets or Artificial Humans?

We’ve been watching with interest Samsung announce Neon at CES — validating Soul Machines pioneering AGI Research and their fully autonomous digital teammates already deployed with leading global brands and corporations like P&G. For us, 7 years of research in neuroscience, developmental psychology and cognitive science have lead to the creation of the worlds first digital brain.

We believe that to autonomously animate digital characters in a hyper-realistic human-like way, they are going to need a brain.

So that in the same way we as people use our human brain to interact, behave, engage with others and learn, Soul Machines digital people use our proprietary digital brain to do exactly the same things. For a more detail explanation read about our research and the Five Levels of Autonomous Animation.

It’s super interesting that many of the Neon videos appearing on Youtube are interspersing video footage of Soul Machines BabyX and digital people powered by our HumanOS™.

It begs the question is the hype and the marketing from Samsung NEON at CES little more than highly scripted CGI and video manipulation? Some are clear that what we are looking at is little more than vaporware at this point.

It’s hard to see any evidence of a digital brain working — but you can see that here and even engage with a digital hero. Many varieties of digital puppets already exist today — avatars, scripted CGI, chatbots and more.

Our aspiration has been clear — to create digital heroes that amplify human capability and assist in meaningful ways.

The science and technology behind this is significant, and unlike Samsung, we are clear on the technology that makes this possible.

Creating digital heroes requires a combination of advanced animation (our industry-leading Digital DNA Studio™ makes this possible) — and — a digital brain (through our Human OS™). The combination enables us to create a hyper-real experience that goes beyond look and feel to embrace conversational AI, learning, and more.

We are well outside the lab, commercially deploying the world’s first digital heroes with brands globally. Time will tell what Samsung has beyond a science experiment in a lab and marketing hype is just another Digital Puppet or something more. We will be watching with as much interest as our digital heroes.

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We’re Humanizing Artificial Intelligence

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Soul Machines

Soul Machines

We’re Humanizing Artificial Intelligence

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